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Stop Windows 10 from Downloading Updates Automatically After Anniversary Update

A few months ago we showed you how to disable automatic Updates in Windows 10. However, that method involves tweaking of settings in the Registry Editor and Group Policy editor. If you are looking for an easier way to disable Windows 10 automatic updates, then here is how to do it.

This method is fairly simple and can be done easily without having to tweak your registry editor.  Also, the Group Policy Editor and Registry editor methods seem to be not working after Anniversary update, so this is the option you are left with.

Windows 10 comes with an option to meter your data connection. The metered connection allows you to restrict any apps or service that requires tons of data service to perform the operation, such as downloading Windows 10 updates to halt and wait till you get access to an Unlimited WiFi connection.

Even if you are on a WiFi connection, and want to disable Automatic Windows 10 updates, then you can set the WiFi connection as metered connection so that Windows 10 don’t download updates automatically on it.

Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates Download

Note: If you are on Windows 10 Anniversary update, scroll down to find the instructions for anniversary update running Windows 10 PCs.

Click Start and open the Settings app.

Click on Network and Internet.

Click Wi-Fi tab and then open Advanced Options.


Under Metered Connection section, set the current WiFi connection as Metered Connection.

Instructions for Anniversary Update Running Windows 10

If you are running the Windows 10 Anniversary update, here is how to do it.

Click Start and go to the Settings app.

Navigate to Network and Internet.

Click Wi-Fi and then click “Manage Known Networks“.

Here select your WiFi Network and click “Properties“. Under properties, you have to enable the “Set as metered connection” option.

Now head back to Settings > Update and Security. Click Windows Update to see a message saying “Updates are available. We’ll download them when you are not using a metered connection, or you can download 1.27 MB-2.92 GB using your current data connection (charges might apply). You might still need to connect to unmetered Wi-Fi for some updates”


If you want to download the updates, you can click on Download button or set the Metered connection as a unmetered connection.

What we have done here is tricked the Windows update service into think that we are on a metered connection so downloading of updates is not possible.

Note that; you have to manually set every WiFi connection that you use as metered connection in future.

Set Ethernet Connection as Metered Connection

The above method only works for WiFi connections. But, what if you have an ethernet connection? Though, you cannot directly set ethernet connection as a metered connection like you can do with a WiFi connection, you can still set ethernet connection as metered connection by tweaking the Windows 10 registry.

Watch this space for a detailed post on how to set Ethernet connection as metered connection.


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