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Stop Notifications from Pausing Music in Android

Android Notification is a very handy feature as it alerts you about new messages and updates. However, at times receiving Android notification can be annoying. How about when you are playing your favorite music and a notification pause it?

It happens that when we are watching a YouTube video or listening to our favorite track, an Android notification pops-up and pauses the music. It is very annoying, to say the least.

Though notifications come in handy most of the time, you might want to stop them for a specific time period or in that case when you are listening to Music.

You can either disable notifications completely for that particular app, or you can make use of Android apps such as Don’t Pause and Tasker to deal with it.

So, in today’s post, I will show you two of the best apps that can stop notifications from pausing Music in Android.

Stop Notifications from Pausing Music in Android

There are two apps in this guide. If you only want to stop notifications from pausing music in Android, then the first app will work just fine. The other app costs more than $2, but also offers tons of features.

App 1: Don’t Pause

Don’t pause is a very basic but a very handy app for the music lovers. The app keeps your Android device from interrupting when you are playing the music.

So, all you have to do is download and install the app from the Google Play Store.

Once you install the app, open it. The main screen of the app offers two options. Stop and Start.


Tapping on Start will put the app to work. So, now whenever you receive a notification, the music will not pause. But, you will know that you have received a notification due to the vibration.

Once you are done listening to the music, tap on the Red stop button to stop the app and put the ringer back to the original mode.

The app also offers customization options such as Default Ringer and Only Silence Notifications.


The pro version of the app which costs $0.99 comes with additional enhancement features such as Detect Headphone ( the service gets automatically started when you plug in your headset).

Other Pro version features include Start on USB, Start on Bluetooth, and of course ad-free interface.

If you are one of those Android users who simply want to stop notifications from pausing music in Android, then the basic free version of Don’t pause will do the trick.

App 2: Tasker

Tasker is not a free app because it is no ordinary app. Tasker is an automation app that allows you to automate most of the tasks in your Android phone.

Do you want the music player to start automatically when you plug in the headset? It can do it.

Do you want to put your phone into silent mode automatically at a specific time?  It can do it as well.

There are tons of other things that you can automate with the Tasker. But, can the Tasker stop notifications from pausing Music in Android? Yes, it can do it as well. Here is how to do it.

Download and install Tasker from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you need to enable Tasker. For this go to Settings >> Accessibility >> tap on Tasker to enable it.

Now open Tasker app. In the Profile tab, tap the “+” button at the bottom.tasker-profile-add

From the side Menu, tap on Application.




In the App Selection tab, you have to select all the apps for which you don’t want the notifications to pause music. So select apps such as YouTube, Music Players, Play Music, etc.


Once selected, tap the back button. It will take you to the main menu (Profile tab). You can see the Enter Tasks menu in it. So, tap on New Task.


Enter a Name for the task. Since, you want to stop notifications from pausing the music, name the task as Notification Off or something similar and tap on the Check button.


Now you are in the Task Edit section. Tap on the + button. It will open Select Action Category.


Here tap on Audio >> Interrupt Mode. Under Mode, select None and press the back button twice.



You are back into Profile tab again. Press and Hold the Notification Off profile. Tap on Add Exit Task.


Next, tap on New Task and enter a name for it. Enter something like Notification On and tap on check icon to proceed.

Under Task Edit, tap on the “+” button at the bottom. Tap on Audio >> Interrupt Mode.

Under Mode, tap on None, and select All. Press the back button twice.



That’s it. You have created a task in Tasker which stops Android phone from pausing the music when you receive a notification.

Now whenever you open an app for which the task has been added such as YouTube and Music player, you will see a no interruption icon in the status bar.


When you close the Music/YouTube app, the No Interruption icon will disappear, and your phone’s notification settings will be back to normal.



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