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Set Micro SD as Default Save Location in iBall Compbook in Windows 10


Windows 10 allows you to set default storage for apps, media, pictures and documents. If you don't want to save all the files into the C:/ drive, then you can change the default storage drive to D:/ or Micro SD card storage. So, in this post, I will show you how to set Micro SD card as default storage for your apps and media.

Why SD card when the Windows 10 running PCs can have a couple of terra bytes (TBs) of storage added to them? This is only true for the traditional laptops and PCs that comes with inbuilt HDD. Also read, set Ethernet connection as metered connection in Windows 10.

Today's compact laptops such as iBall Compbook and the Micromax Canvas Tab comes with only 32GB of internal SSD storage. It also has the option to expand the storage space using a Micro SD card slot that supports 64GB of micro SD card.

By default, when you install any apps and game it gets installed directly into the C:/ drive of the laptop. Fortunately, Windows 10 allows you to set Micro SD card as default storage for almost everything including Apps and software, document, images, and videos. This saves you from the hassle of having to select the storage drive you want to install any app or game.

Here is how to set Micro SD card as the default storage drive in Windows 10 running iBall Compbook or Micromax Canvas Tab. The steps are same even if you are using a regular Windows 10 running PC or laptop with inbuilt HDD or SSD.


Set Micro SD as Default Storage in Windows 10

Click Start and select Settings. It will open settings page.

Under settings, go to System.

From the left side, click Storage tab. Under the storage tab, find the Save Location section which reads " Change where your apps, games, music, pictures and documents are saved by default".

Set Default Save Location in Windows 10

Now click the drop-down button New apps will save to and select your Micro SD card from the option.

Click Apply to save the changes and set your Micro SD card as the default storage location for your PC.

Now do this for all the option such as documents, pictures, videos, etc. and apply the changes.

Next time when you download something, it will be saved to your Micro SD card directly without asking you to select the save location