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How to Schedule Live Videos in Facebook

After releasing the Live Video feature for Facebook users, the social giant has announced that the Facebook users can now schedule live broadcast for their viewers. So, in this post, I will talk about what is Facebook Schedule Live Video broadcast and how to do it.

The ability to schedule live videos in Facebook would allow the video makers to notify their audience in advance so that the audience can tune in at the right time. You can schedule a video broadcast for up to a week in advance.

Starting this week, Facebook is rolling out the ability to schedule live video broadcast. However, this feature will be only available for verified pages for initial weeks.

Non-verified pages will be able to schedule live video broadcast after few weeks of the initial roll out to the verified pages. So, all in all, verified or non-verified, every Facebook users will have access to Facebook Live video broadcast scheduling feature.

According to Facebook the ability to schedule live videos would allow the page admins to create buzz among the audience in advanced so that more people can watch the live streaming at the right time.

When a page schedules a live video broadcast, an announcement post will be published on the news feed which would inform the followers about the upcoming live event.

The followers have the option to opt in for a one-time reminder; that will alert them right before the video is about to go live.

Users can also join the pre-broadcast lobby even before the video goes live. You can join the pre-broadcast lobby 3 minutes before the video goes live and interact with other users.

Once the page owners schedule a video, they will have access to a shareable link that can be embedded into Websites and blogs. So, if you embed the video into your blog, your viewers can directly watch the video on your blog instead of tuning into Facebook.

How to Schedule a Live Vide in Facebook

Note: As of now 10/20/2016 the Live Video Schedule feature is only available for verified pages. So, if you are unable to schedule live videos due to an unverified page, the feature will available for all in coming weeks.

Log in to your Facebook page account. Select “Publishing Tools‘ section from the top. Next, click on Video Library and select Go Live button in the Video Library section.

schedule-facebook-live-videos-plublishing-toolsNow you have to copy the Server URL and Stream Key from the given fields. Make sure you keep them secret as anyone can use them to stream videos to your post. Click on the Next button to proceed.


Enter a Title for your video. Also, add video tags, locations, etc.

At the bottom of the window, click the drop-down button beside the Go Live button. Select Schedule Live from the option.


Now you have to schedule your video. Select the date and time that you would like to go live. You may also want to upload a relevant yet attractive image about the video. If you don’t select a custom image, your Profile image will be used as a default image.

Note: You can schedule videos before 7 days at maximum and minimum 10 minutes before planning to go live.

Click on the Schedule button to schedule the video.


As soon as you schedule the video, the followers of your page may see a post in their Facebook News Feed.

They have the option to “Get Reminder‘ by tapping the given option. If they opt to get a reminder, they will receive a notification in advance of your live broadcast reminding them to tune in.

The ability to schedule live Facebook video broadcast would be a handy tool for publishers to engage with more audience by inviting them in advanced. You can read more about Facebook Live video schedule and advanced feature here.


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