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How to Restart a Hung Android Phone with Non-removable Battery

The first suggestion anyone would give you when something goes wrong with your Android smartphone is to turn Off and then Turn it on. Rebooting the Android smartphone refreshes the Android OS and should remove any hanging issues in your phone temporarily.

However, at times your Android phone may stop responding to the touches on the screen. This is where the device goes into frozen or not responding state. In this situation, you cannot simply turn off the device by pressing the power button and then tap the Power off option.

People who have an Android phone with a removable back cover can remove the back cover and then remove the battery. Now keep the battery and the device aside for a few minutes and then put it back on. Now reboot your phone, and it should be back to life.

But, what if your smartphone doesn’t have a removable back cover? These days many of the smartphones come with a non-removable battery and a fixed back cover due to a design language called Unibody design.

Now if you own an Android phone that has a non-removable battery then there are three ways to force start your Android phone.

Smartphone OEMs have made sure that in a scenario where the smartphone freezes or stops responding to any button clicks and touches the user still be able to force restart their Android phone in two ways.

Both the ways involve using the physical keys available on your Android phone. Here is how to do it.

Use Power Button to Restart Hung Phone

I am sure you must have tried to turn off your phone by long pressing the power button by now. However, when your phone hangs, you have to press the power button longer than usual to make it restart.

Press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates. It may take 15 seconds to 1 minute. Just keep it pressed.

Next, the phone will go blank and eventually will be turned off.

Leave the device idle for a few minutes.

Now press and hold the power button again to turn it On.

Use Key Combination Restart Hung Phone

If pressing the power key for a period of time did not restart your frozen Android phone then you may need to use the Volume + Power key combination to restart your device.

To force restart a hung device you can use Volume Down + Power key combination. However, the combination can be different for different manufacturer devices.

Press Volume Down + Power key on your phone for more than 15 seconds.

Keep it pressed until your phone vibrates and goes blank.

After this, your phone should soft reboot.

If the phone does not start automatically, long press the Power key to turn it on.

Use Volume Up + Power Key

If the Volume Down + Power Key combination did not work for you then you can try another combination.

Press and hold Volume Up + Power Key simultaneously until the phone is turned off.

Now long press the power key to restart your Android phone.

These key combinations should work on all the Android smartphones as they are independent of the software or the major hardware on your phone.

However, if the combination did not work for you then the last thing you can do is keep the phone turned on and wait till the battery drains out completely. The phone should automatically turn off as the battery drains out.


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