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LG G5 Common Problems and Fixes


The Korean smartphone giant released its flagship device LG G5 few months ago. The LG G5 is indeed one of the best smartphones that money can buy as of now. It comes with a beautiful design and super powerful hardware. While most of the LG G5 users are happy with what they have, things didn’t go well with some others. Similar to most of the flagship devices, there are a couple of LG G5 users with their own set of problems with the phone. They LG G5 complaints are simply increasing the number of pages on the tech forums. I have been digging around the tech forums to find the LG G5 common problems and fixes for them. They are quite a few LG G5 common problems and some of them can  be resolved with the workarounds. Here in this post, I will be listing the LG G5 common problems and how to fix them.

LG G5 Common Problems and Fixes

Note: Whether it is LG G5 or any other major flagship smartphone, they tend to have some problems due to firmware glitches and early releases. Some of these or most of these problems can be resolved with a firmware update. In case, you think the device has a hardware fault, kindly ask for the replacement.

Some of the LG G5 common problems are backlight bleed and blooming issue, missing app drawer issue, fast charging is not working issue, Notification LED not working, battery draining issue, Bluetooth issue, map consistently pausing issue, brightness and contrast issue, Bluetooth connectivity issue, Boot loop issue, etc.

LG G5 Common Problems and Fixes


As I said earlier, some of the LG G5 problems could be because of bugs in the OS or the firmware and that should be fixed with an update. In case the problem is because of faulty hardware such as Boot loop issue, you may want to contact the LG service center for a replacement.

Another hardware-related issue could be the backlight bleeding and blooming issue. Some of the users have reported that device has an unacceptable level of backlight bleeding along with a not clear picture or blooming display when they touch the display. If the issue goes out of control, you should visit the LG service center and get your device replaced or repaired.

For this post, let’s see which are the common LG G5 problems can be fixed and how to do it.

Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issue 

Bluetooth connectivity issues in the LG G5 are one of the commonly reported issues. Some users have reported that they are unable to pair their phone with more than one Bluetooth device. If you want to pair to a Bluetooth headset, you may need to unpair or deleted all the previously paired devices and repair with the new device to connect to it.

This can be firmware glitch or also could be a temporary issue. To fix this, first thing you should do is:


Restart LG G5: A quick restart at times can fix the problem if it is a temporary one. So, restart LG G5 and see if it resolves the issue.

Force Stop and Clear Cache: The next step is to force stop LG G5 Bluetooth app and clear the cache data. Here is how to do it.

Tap on Settings and go to Application Manager.

Tap on the All tabs to display all the app.

Select Bluetooth app.

Tap on Force Stop.


Next, tap on Clear cache data and Clear Bluetooth data.

Restart LG G5 and try to pair with other Bluetooth devices.

LG G5 Battery Draining Issue

Now the poor battery life problem in the LG G5 shouldn’t surprise as it has been found to provide not so impressive battery life. However, if your LG G5’s battery is draining faster than average, then you may need to look into the issue.

If you have bought a new LG G5, then the device’s battery will drain fast as it has to download updates for the first time when connected to the internet. If not try any of these tips.

Tips to reduce LG G5 Battery Usage:


Turn off Always in Display – Go to Settings, tap on Display and turn off Always-on Display option.

Reduce Screen Brightness – Go to Settings, Display, tap on Screen Timeout and adjust the screen brightness according to your need. The lower, the better.

Turn on Power Saving Mode – Go to Settings and turn on Power Saving mode in Battery and Power Saving section.

Uninstall the Culprit App – You may have an app using all the juice of your phone. Go to Settings >> Battery and Power Saving >> Battery Usage. Find the app that is using more than required juice and get rid of it.

Check for Update – At times the OEMs release update for their device in case, they find a fix for a bug. Check your LG G5 for the pending updates and download if any available.

Notification LED Not Working Issue


LG G5 comes with a notification LED, which lights up whenever you have notifications such as missed calls or new text messages. However, some users have reported that Notification LED does not work all the time. It works with the default apps or pre-installed apps but does not light up for third-party app notifications.

There seems to be no go to fix for this problem as this could be a device specific issue and might get resolved in a future update. As a workaround, you may try the Light Flow Lite App in the Google Play store to get more control over the LED notification settings.

Also, make sure that you have turned on LED notification with correct settings. GO to Settings >> Sound > Notification LED and check the settings.

No App Drawer in LG G5

If you are an LG G5 owner, you would have noticed that the LG G5 does not have an app drawer by default. Because of this, whenever you install a new app, it appears on the home screen. In case you want to add App drawer back to LG G5, here is how to do it.

Add App Drawer in LG G5


To do this, go to Settings >> Display >> Home Screen >> Home and tap on EasyHome. Now if you go back to the Home screen, you can see the App drawer, but the app font will look much bigger now.

Install LG Home 4.0 – Open LG SmartWorld App in your phone which comes pre-installed. Search for LG Home 4.0 and install it. This will surely bring back the App drawer without any problem.

You can also install third-party Android launchers as an alternative.  There are some good Third-party launchers that you can try. Try Google Now Launcher to begin with.

Fast Charging Not Working As Fast

LG G5 comes with a feature called fast charging which allows you to charge the phone 80% in just 30 minutes. As it comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 standard, this figures don’t look exaggerated. However, some users have reported their LG G5 fast charging is not working as it should work. If your LG G5 isn’t charging as fast it should, try these tips.

Note: You can swipe down the notification panel to see a fast charging notification. If there is no notification, try these tips.


Don’t use Device While Charging – Never use your phone while it is charging. Using your phone while charging will definitely reduce the charging speed.

Also, make sure your charger is Quick Charge 3.0 supported ( obviously it should) and also check it for any hardware fault. Faulty charges can also reduce the charging speed.

Factory Reset LG G5

When nothing seems working for you, the last thing you could try is factory reset LG G5. At times, a factory reset can  resolve several issues, though you will lose your data after a Factory Reset. Here is how to Factory Reset LG G5.

Note: Before trying to Factory Reset LG G5, take complete backup of your personal data.

Go to Settings >> General >> Backup and Reset >> Factory Data Reset and tap on Reset Phone.  Tap on Delete All and at last tap OK.