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How to Disable Android App Notifications

Learn how to disable/stop app notifications in Android device. There are two ways to stop app notification in Android.

Android app developers these days are extensively using the push notification feature on Android smartphones. It allows them to alert the app users whenever a new update is available.

Though it may seem like a good feature for some, some may find it annoying. For example, apps like Hotstar will drive you crazy with their unnecessary push notifications and E-commerce apps will take Oscar if there is one for annoying the users.

Above all, such apps don’t even find it necessary to provide an inbuilt option to disable app notifications.

Not all will complain about the push notifications sent by the apps. If you are an avid YouTuber and subscribed to a channel so that you could get the latest update, then the YouTube app notification won’t trouble you.

Some apps do provide a built-in option to stop app notifications in Android. But, some of the apps may not provide this option.

At the end of the day, if you users cannot turn off app notifications for a particular app, they will end up uninstalling it.

Fortunately, Google has taken care of this problem and has provided an option to disable app notifications for particular apps in the Settings.

In this post, I  will show how to stop Android app notifications.

There are two ways to disable app notifications in Android. The first method is to see if the app provides any built-in app notifications. And the second method is to use the Android Apps settings to disable app notifications in Android devices.

Method 1: Disable App Notifications from the App

Some apps including the Google official apps such as the Google Play Store app and the YouTube app offers a built-in option to disable app notifications.

If you are dealing with some other app other than Google official apps, then open the app and go to Settings. Under settings, there could be an option to disable app notifications.

If you are dealing with YouTube app for Android and want to disable notification for it, here is how to do it.

Open YouTube app on your Android Phone.

Next, from the top right-hand side tap on the Menu button (three horizontal lines).

Android YouTube Menu Settings

From the Drop-down menu tap on Settings.

Android YouTube Settings

Next, under Settings, tap on Notifications.

Android YouTube Settings Notifications

Under Notifications, if you slide and turn off the first option (Notify on this Device) then all the notifications from YouTube to your Android device will be stopped.

Android YouTube Settings Notifications options

However, if you want to disable only specific notifications then leave the first option as it is and turn off the Notification that you don’t want to receive.

Now the built-in Notification disabling feature is not limited to official Google apps, but some other apps also offer it. So, before you move on to the second method, give try this method.

Method 2: Stop App Notifications from Apps Settings

As I said earlier, not every app offers a built-in option to disable notifications. Fortunately, you can still stop apps from sending notifications by disabling it from the Apps Settings.

Tap on Settings from the Apps Drawer. Alternatively, pull down the slider and tap on the Gear icon to visit the Settings page.

Android Lollipop Settings Apps

Under Setting scroll down and tap on Apps.

Android Lollipop 5 Apps Settings

It will display all your installed apps. Find and tap on the app for which you want to stop push notification.

Android Apps Settings Notification stop

Once inside the app, under Force Stop button, uncheck “Show notifications” option.

Android Lollipop 5 Notification Stop alert

A pop-up dialogue box will appear. Tap on OK to save the settings.



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