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Enable Night Mode in Windows 10 – Dark Theme

Want to enable Night Mode in Windows 10? Here is how to enable Dark theme or Night Mode in Windows 10 post Anniversary Update.

Where is the Night Mode in Windows 10 was the first question I asked when I had to use my PC at night without lights. It is so frustrating to look at the display lights in the dark, that you rather prefer to shut down your PC and go to sleep than work.

But, work is work, and you have to do it on time. On smartphones and web browsers we have plugins and inbuilt night mode features that allow you to view your smartphone display without straining your eyes.

Even if you are using a web browser on your PC, you can install a plugin to get the night mode activated. But, what if you are working on your PC and not on a web browser? How to enable Night Mode in Windows 10?

Fortunately, Microsoft has taken care of this problem in the Windows 10 PCs and has pushed Night Mode aka dark theme in Windows Anniversary update.

That’s right. You should be running the latest Windows 10 with the latest Anniversary update installed to get the Night Mode enabled.

If you have a Windows 10 PC running the latest Anniversary update, here is how to enable Night Mode in Windows 10.

According to the Microsoft, one of the great new feature in Anniversary update is the Dark Theme personalize settings. Microsoft prefers to call it Dark Theme, but that is the Night mode you are looking for.

What Dark Mode does is that it allows you to quickly changes your apps from Light Mode (Normal Mode) to the dark mode. It is ideal for low-light conditions such as Night when you are working, and it also saves your battery a bit.

Apps that will get affected with the Night Mode are the Microsoft default apps such as the Calendar app, mail app, and the Microsoft Windows store, etc.

Enable Night Mode in Windows 10

The Night Mode in Windows 10 can be accessed from the personalization settings in Windows 10.

Click Windows start button and open Settings.

Click on Personalization.

From the left-side pane, click the Color tab.

Now scroll-down to the bottom of the page, and under Choose your App Mode section, select Dark Mode.

That’s it. You have enabled Night Mode in Windows 10. You can change to Normal Mode or light mode by disabling the Night Mode from the same settings.

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