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Create Custom Start Menu Tiles in Windows 10 with Win10Tile

One of the best feature introduced with the Windows 10 was the new Start Menu. The new Start Menu in Windows 10 comes with support for tons of customization option and also allows you to completely change the default look of the Start menu. Now, how about creating Custom Start Menu? Changing colors of each tile, along with images? This is possible with a handy little utility called Win10Tile. Read to know more about creating custom Start Menu in Windows 10.

Create Custom Start Menu Tiles in Windows 10 with Win10Tile 1

The latest Threshold 2 update release for the Windows 10 has added a feature that allows for custom tiles. The latest updated brings visualmanifest.xml file to your PC which can be modified to create Custom Tiles on the Start Menu.

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To utilize this latest custom tile feature in the Windows 10, a developer has created a little yet handy tool named as Wind10Tile. It allows the Windows 10 users to create and pin custom tiles to the Start Menu.

If you have been using the Tile Creator utility to customize your Windows 10 Start Menu, then you should give this a try. Unlike Tile Creator, the Win10Tile doesn’t need to install a full version of the app before you could get started. It also looks fairly easier to use with a simple user interface.

Upon the installation, the app lists all your root shortcut of your start menu. The app requires you to have administrative privileges to make the changes to your Start Menu. With this, you can create Custom tile by selecting your own icon or the image and then assign it to the tile. You can also customize the color of the tile as well. One more feature you would like in the app is that custom tiles created using the Win10Tile support jump list and context menu.

You can also create pin titles with or without adding labels for tiles and that is an interesting feature. If you don’t want the tile, then you can delete with a single click. For now the app supports only small and medium size tiles. However, you can expect support for more sizes soon.

Create Custom Start Menu Tiles in Windows 10 with Win10Tile

Note: Before you proceed with using the Win10Tile app, take note that the app is only supported to Windows 10 PC with Threshold 2 update. As without that update, the app will not work on your PC. So, kindly make sure that you have downloaded the latest Windows 10 November Threshold 2 update to your PC before trying to use this app.

1. Begin with downloading the Win10Tile to your PC from here. This is an XDA link, so you can download it from there.

2. Once the Win10Tile .rar file has been downloaded, extract it. You will find a Win10Tile folder inside the zip folder.

3. Inside the folder, double-click on Win10Tile.exe file. The program will instantly pop up as it doesn’t require any installation to work.

4. You can resize the Win10Tile window if needed. Once the program is running, it would list all the root shortcuts in your PC. So, select the name of the program from the list that you want to customize.

5. Now in case, you don’t see the program being included in the list, then you can manually add it by adding the program path in “Application Target” field.

6. You have to select 150 x 150 or 70 x 70 images for your custom tile. Click on Select Image button to select the 150 x 150 image and click on Select 70 x 70 Image to choose the same.

7. Before clicking on the Save button, you may want to check the Show label button. So, if you prefer label, then check the Show label button. You also have the option to choose between light and dark them. Finally, click on Save button to save the settings.

Create Custom Start Menu Tiles in Windows 10 with Win10Tile


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