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How to Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

To make the stolen Android phones unusable and useless Google took the Apple way and introduced Factory Reset Protection feature. This feature was introduced with the release of Android Marshmallow 6.0. What it does is whenever you factory reset your phone using the recovery and boot the device after resetting it, the Android phone will ask you enter the email account information that was used to setup the device. Now if you don’t have email information that was used to setup Android device, you won’t be able to use the device.

Android Marshmallow

The major reason why this feature was introduced was to prevent smartphones from being stolen. But there can be several genuine reasons why you want to bypass Android factory reset protection feature.

You might have bought a secondhand device, and the owner did not give the required information to unlock factory reset protection. You can also be the victim of online fraud and now stuck with a device that is useless without unlocking factory reset protection.

Unlike Apple iCloud activation, the Google Android Factory Reset Protection feature has a glitch that allows you to bypass Android factory reset protection in some of the Android phones including Samsung, ZTE, LG and some Chinese local branded devices.  If you are stuck with one of such devices, try this workaround, and you might successfully bypass Android factory reset protection.

Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

Before we proceed with how to bypass Android factory reset protection, let us see what allows you to bypass this protection feature in Android phone.

As I said earlier, the Android Factory Reset Protection feature only activates when you factory reset your phone using the Recovery Mode. If you directly go to Settings >> Factory Reset, this feature will not get activated, and you can use the phone without any problem.

Now what we will be doing here is after Factory Resetting the Android phone using Recovery Mode, we will try to bypass the email screen that appears after the first reboot. If you can bypass the Email Screen and get access to Settings you can easily Factory Reset the phone and unlock your Android phone.

Steps to Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

Note: This method may not work on the latest version of Google 6.0 Marshmallow.

Factory Reset your Android Phone using the Recovery Mode and reboot it/Restart it.

Now it will ask you to verify Google Account. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.

Once you are connected, the device “File Manager” will pop-up.

Next step is to download and copy the below given apk to your device using your Computer. Download it from here.

Now navigate to the location where the apk has been saved. Double click on the APK to open it.

It will prompt to go to Settings and Enable Unknown Source.

Install the APK and open it. It will take you to the Settings page. Under Settings, go to Backup and Reset and tap on Factory Reset >> Reset >> Reset All.

The reset process may take some time, but once the device reboots, it will not ask you to verify the Google Account.


  1. These instructions are confusing. So I download that link to the computer and I assume I copy it to the phone. I have no idea where to put it. But then you say to open it. You don’t say if this is in Windows or on the phone now. I assume it’s the phone, but I can’t get to the screen because I can’t get passed the setup screen. When I double click the file on windows, it asks me to chose a program to run the apk. These instructions are not clear enough!

  2. I downloaded the APK TO PC. USB is connecting the phone to PC. email verification screen is all I’m seeing on phone. what do I Do now? please help!!


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