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Add a New Owner to Google Webmaster Tools Account

The Google Webmaster tools provide handy little features that help the bloggers to manage their blog such as finding some error with the Template, fetch new post and indexing and reindexing of issues. However, what if you want to add a new owner to Google webmaster tools account?

Google Search console also known as the Google webmaster tools allows you to add more than one owner to the account. This comes in handy if you want to add your partner or friend as a new owner to Google webmaster tools.

This comes in handy if you have a large website and there are a couple of people working at it. You may not be able to fetch all the posts by yourself, so what you can do is give access to another user so that they can do it using their own email ID with limited access.

Now adding a new owner to Webmaster tools is different than adding a new user to Google webmaster account. Be sure of what you want to do before you add a new owner to your account.

Adding a New User – A User can view all data and if permitted take some action. A User cannot add another user and the user must be added by the owner.

There are two kinds of users. Users with full access and users with restricted access. Users with restricted access cannot make any changes or take action but view data only. Whereas a user with full access can view full data as well as take some actions.

Adding a New Owner – An owner has full control over properties in Google Webmaster Tools or search console. So, if you add a new owner, he/she will be able to add and remove users, configure settings, view all data and tools. So, if are adding an owner, be sure of adding a trusted party.

Add a New Owner to Google Webmaster Tools Account

Note: If you add a new owner, he/she will be known as a delegated owners only.

To add a new owner to the Google Search Console you need the email ID of the party who you want to add as an owner. Basically, a Gmail ID.

So, login to your Google Webmaster account or Search console. You will be taken to the Dashboard by default.

From the Dashboard, click the Settings icon ( Gear icon) and select Users and Property Owners.


Under “Users and Property Owners”  section, click “Manage Property Owners.”


Scroll down to the Verified Owners section. Click on Add an Owner button.


You will be asked to enter new owner’s email address  (must be a Google Account/Gmail ID). So, enter the email ID of the new owners and click on Continue.

That’s it! A new owner has been added to your Webmaster Tools account. A confirmation email will send to the new owner as well.

Remove a Verified Owner in Google Webmaster Tools

In case you want to remove any of the owners that you have added previously, then you can do it as well. You cannot delete the owners completely without first un-verifying them. You can unverify them which will remove them from the verified owners list and block any access to your webmaster tools account.

To delete verified owner in Google webmaster tools, go to Dashboard, click on the Settings icon and select “Users and property owners.”

Click “Manager Property Owners.” Scroll down to Verified Owners section.

Click on “Unverify” for the owner that you want to delete.


Now go back to “Users and Property owners.” Select the owner that you want to remove and click on Delete. (This step is optional, and you may not find the delete option at times).

That’s it. You have successfully removed a delegated owner from the Google webmaster tools.


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