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3 Ways Take Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

If you search through our articles, you can see we have written about different ways to take screenshots in Windows 10. The easiest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 is to press the print screen shortcut key on the keyboard and voila you have captured your current screen. Just paste it in MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop, and you can save it as .png or .jpeg format.

However, this method does not work when you want to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen. Since you are logged out, Windows won’t recognise the print screen shortcut key leaving it useless when used.

So, how to take a screenshot of Windows 10 login screen? Well, there are two ways to do this. In today’s article, you are going to learn how to take a screenshot of your Windows 10 login screen.

Take Screenshot using Ease of Access Replacer

The Ease of Access Replacer is a free Windows utility developed by Lee Whittington, and it does what it claims. What it does is that it replaces the Utility manager / Ease of Access button function with the below listed functions including screenshot taking feature.

Allowing the user to take Windows 10 login screenshot is one of the many things the tool does. Here are some of them:

  • Take Logon Screen Screenshot
  • Take Lock Screen Screenshot
  • CMD Prompt on Login Screen
  • Powershell option
  • Run Dialogue Box
  • Task Manager on Login screen

So, you can use the Ease of Access Replacer to take a screenshot of your login screen in Windows 10. Here is how to use it.

First, you have to download and run the Ease of Access Replacer tool on your PC. Download it from TWC page.

After downloading the tool Extract the EOAR2 zip file, and you should see an EOAR2 folder.

Open the EOAR2 folder, right-click on EOAR Setup file and select “Run as Administrator“.

Next, click the Install button and make sure you have “Create a Restore point before applying changes” option checked.

If you get a “Could not backup ease of access” error, then just ignore it.

Restart your PC. This is important, because the Ease of Access Replacer may not work properly without restarting the PC.

Once the PC is restarted, press Windows Key + L to lock the screen.

Now click the Utility Manager / Ease of Access button, and it should show Ease of Access Replacer with several options.

Now click “LogonScreen Screenshot” option that you see on the left side of the screen.

That’s it! You have successfully captured Windows 10 login screen screenshot. You can view the captured screenshots by going to C:/Screenshots directory.


Add Snipping Tool as Ease of Access Button

If the above method did not work for you, here is the second method to take login screen screenshots in Windows 10.

What we are going to do is that we add the snipping tool as Ease of Access button to get the job done.

As we know, snipping tool is a handy screenshot capturing tool available on Windows 10 and earlier version of the OS. By adding snipping tool as the Ease of Access button in the login screen, you can take the screenshot.

Note: This method requires you to edit the registry using the registry editor. It is highly recommended that you create a system restore point before proceeding with the steps below.

Open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R, type regedit and hit enter.

From the Registry Editor navigate to the following path:

CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

Right-click on Image File Execution Option, select New > Key. Name the Key as utilman.exe.

Right-click on utilman.exe, select New > String Value and name it as Debugger.

Now right-click on Debugger, select Modify and paste the following path in the value field:


Click OK and save the changes. Close the Registry Editor as well.

Now, press Windows Key + L to go to the Login Screen. Click the Ease of Access button and a snipping tool should pop up.

Use the tool to take a screenshot of your Windows 10 login screen and press Ctrl + C to copy the screenshot to your clipboard. Now login to your PC and open the Paint app to paste and save the screenshot.

Note: Make sure that if you are using the first method, you uninstall the tool once you have used it unless you need it. It is not recommended to leave such option on the login screen as they can be used to reset and crack Windows login password.

Take Lock Screen Screenshot

Now if you just want to share your Lock Screen with your friends then you can use the Print Screen shortcut key available on your keyboard to take the screenshot of your lock screen.

Press Windows Key + L to lock the screen. Press PrntScr key on your keyboard and it should capture your entire screen.

Now login to your PC, open the paint app and paste the captured screenshot. This method only works with Windows 10 lock screen and is ineffective on the Login screen.




  1. Is there any way which just saves the screenshot to my computer by pressing keys.So that I don’t have to paste the screenshot into photoshop.


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